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Bishop Payne Library Ebook Collections

Bishop Payne Library subscribes to the EBSCOhost and ebrary ebook collections. here are instructions for use.



Sometimes certain vendors' ebooks don't play nicely with our remote-access software, which comes from a different vendor.  It's usually fixable with the following solutions, however.

Clear your browser's cache and cookies

If the eresource wil not download, and the swirling "twiddle" won't stop...

If you see a circle of icons with the EBSCO logo...


These links from EBSCO tell you how to clear your cache. It's essential to clear cookies as well. (You can keep your saved logins and passwords).

Safari requires a separate step to clear your cookies. Follow the instructions to remove stored cookies.

Here's a complete guide to clearing your cache, cookies and history from Indiana University.

Try using an incognito tab in your browser.

This article describes Private Browsing in the most popular browsers. It will not use previous cookie values that aren't working for you.


Proquest describes here other troubleshooting steps.

If you choose an EBSCO ebook, and the link returns a search box with "No result found"


When you choose a book that is made available for on-demand purchase, sometimes the publishers remove the ebook from that purchase option.  In theory, we are notified that the ebook has been deleted from that purchase method, but sometimes we don't get that change notice.

Plesae notify us when this happens at and we can order the ebook for you.


This means your session has expired.