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Bible - Exegetical Resources: Visual Resources

Bible Atlases

  • Cleave, Richard.  Holy Land Satellite Atlas.  Nicosia: Rohr, 1999.   Ref G2235.C623 1999
  • Yohanan Aharoni, et al. The Carta Bible Atlas. 4th edition. Jerusalem: Carta, 2002.   Ref G2230.A285 2002
  • The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World. Jerusalem: Carta, 2006.   Ref G2230.A2855 2006


For Visual Learners

  • Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible. John Rogerson, ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.  Ref BS445.O98 2001
  • Jackson, Donald. The Saint John's Bible. Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, 2005, 7 volumes.  Folio BS191.5.A1 2005 C65
  • Smith and Helwys Bible Commentary. Macon, GA: Smith and Helwys. (series classified individually)


Subject Guide

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