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Getting Started: Doctoral Students

A guide to library services for students in the VTS Doctoral programs.

Video Tutorials on the Library Catalog

In this series of videos, learn how to get the most out of the library's powerful search tools - from finding course reserve texts to discovering e-journal articles for research.

Introduction to the Library Catalog

Learn how the library catalog works, and how to begin getting the most out of its powerful search tools.

Course Reserves

Learn how to find and access course reserve texts from the library's catalog. Professors ask the library to put special materials on course reserve for each class, so they are always available for students to use at the library. These can be checked out for 2 hours at a time. If an e-book version is available, those are on the course reserve list as well.

Searching for Print Books

Learn tips and tricks for finding print books from the library's physical collections. The main library catalog has many different options for conducting searches. It's important to know how to conduct the right type of search for the type of resource you're trying to find.

Finding and Using E-Books

Learn how to find and use e-books from the library's catalog. The library holds hundreds of thousands of e-books for patron use. These complement the library's physical collection, and are available through the library's catalog. If you're specifically looking for an electronic version of a resource, modifying your search as described in the video will provide the best results.

Journal Articles & ATLA

Searching for journal articles is a bit different from searching for books. In this video, you'll learn where to search and how to access journal articles. These resources are very easy to use once you learn how they work, and they help supplement your research with short-form scholarly publications on specific topics.

EBSCO Discovery

Learn how to utilize one of the library catalog's most powerful features: the EBSCO Discovery Service.