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Collection Development and Access Policy: Bishop Payne Library

The current collection development and access policy adopted by the Bishop Payne Library. This policy document is guided by our mission and serves to support acquisitions and ensure the accessibility of the collection.


Quantitative evaluation measures:

· The GreenGlass collection curation project data for comparing BPL’s collection to peer libraries’ holdings;

· Usage data that support calculating cost-per-use metrics of electronic resources. Low use counts may indicate the need for more user education or for highlighting these resources in search results, or may indicate low demand for the product;

· Analysis of library staff reference and presentation statistics.

Qualitative evaluation measures:

· Analysis of interlibrary loan requests compared to collection holdings;

· Analysis of student outcomes in relation to use of the library, in partnership with faculty (e.g. annual faculty portfolio review, theses and capstone projects);

· Patron satisfaction surveys and interviews;

· Scholar acknowledgements in publications.


Inventory: The RFID tagging project in 2021-2022 provided an inventory of the circulating collections. Once implemented, the RFID system will facilitate ongoing inventory control and evaluation of collection usage.