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COVID-19 Library Closure and Online Research

The COVID-19 emergency has prompted us to collect information on online research in one simplified guide.


  • To search for e-books or e-journals (VTS community only):
  • Simply search the VTS library catalog and limit your search to “electronic only” in the pull-down box, as in this sample:

  • Once you find an e-book,  click on the "Read or Download" link in the library record. If you are on campus, it will go right through. Click on the pdf link to read online.
  • Hint: it's easier to "Read online" than "Full Download".  If there are print/copy restrictions, you can come back for more in another browser session.
  • If you are off campus, when you click on the link, You will be prompted to login as described in the Remote Access tab above.
  • If you have any questions, email Cindy Harper, Electronic Services Librarian:
  • We will gladly purchase an e-book for any student, staff, or faculty who needs it, if we can obtain it. Email your request to
  • Please report e-book problems with this link (please use the link on the specific e-book record in the library catalog; this image is only an example):

Full Ebook Guide