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COVID-19 Library Closure and Online Research

The COVID-19 emergency has prompted us to collect information on online research in one simplified guide.

Remote Access

Most library electronic resources are restricted to the VTS community and visitors using the campus network IP address. This box will be presented when you need to login.             Video on Remote Access


In order to authenticate as a VTS user when you're off-campus, you must:

  1. use one of the links from the library catalog or other library website.
    • These have the address  http//:0-<vendor location> which sends the request to the library proxy server and makes it appear to the vendor that your traffic comes from an allowed campus address.
  2. log in when prompted, using your last name (one word is sufficient), and library barcode
    • If you don't have a library barcode on the back of your VTS ID, present it at the BPL circulation desk to get one.
    • The barcode is in the form of  BVTS + 9 digits + a check character, e.g., "BVTS123456789."
    • The barcode and last name are not case-sensitive. Omit spaces in the barcode. The check charecter is case-sensitive.
    • When using your own device, let your browser remember this number to make subsequent logins easier.

If your login does not work, email and they can check

  • Your expiration date
  • Your status with the library - some resources are limited to students, faculty and staff only
  • Your barcode number

If you still have problems, contact Cindy Harper, Electronic Services Librarian, at 461-1794 or




Full Guide to Remote Access