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Kanopy Streaming Video: Get Started with Kanopy

Getting Started

Bishop Payne Library. Kanopy offers over 30,000 movies: feature films, educational videos, documentaries, PBS shows, videos like the Great Courses series, international films, and classic films. There are religiously-themed films as well.


To access Kanopy and see its selections, go to  Kanopy is viewable on campus with no log-in; just start searching. 

From off-campus, go to Don’t login with Google, but look for the small print where it says “Get started"

Warning - in some cases, when searching unversities, VTS is not found by the word "Virginia", but is available by the keyword "Theological".

That will get you to 


And from that Log in To VTS button, you can use your last name and library barcode (on the back of your student ID card). If you don’t have your barcode, email  or, and we’ll look it up for you.


From your Smartphone: go to and download the app.

It will ask you to select a library, which will be “Virginia Theological Seminary”. 

Then log in like you do for off-campus databases:  use your last name and library barcode (no spaces). 


If you have any questions, or need help, contact Cindy Harper, Electronic Services Librarian: .