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EBSCO Maintenance on Demand-driven Ebooks May 5-12 - Please report turnaways

by Cindy Harper on 2021-05-05T11:53:00-04:00 | Comments

EBSCO is doing some maintenance on their ebook platform that affects some of our ebooks that are licensed as we use them. This especially affects EBSCO ebooks that have been purchased with a single user license, and are meant to upgrade to two users when the second person accesses  it.  If you get a "No Copies available" message and are "turned away", EBSCO calls this a turnaway and would normally send us an email message to inform us. But those turnaway messages won't be sent during this maintenance time, so send us a message at to ask us to get the ebook as quickly as possible.

Apologies for the inopportune timing of this service change.  Please email us for questions.

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