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Online Bookstore: TPM 501-01 (Kimball, Gortner)

Welcome to Virginia Theological Seminary's online bookstore. Assigned texts for VTS courses are listed on this guide. To locate the textbooks for a class, click on the tab for the correct academic term. Mouse-over a tab to see the classes for a term.

TPM 501-01

TPM 501-01:  Introduction to the Theology and Practice of Ministry

Faculty:  Dr. Kimball, Dr. Gortner

"There is no single assigned book for this course.  The assigned readings form a comprehensive “course reader,” or collection of excerpts and chapters from interdisciplinary sources.  All assigned readings for the course are uploaded to or available through the MyVTS site for this course. They may therefore be accessed by students at any time to be read online or downloaded for saving and printing."