Ian S. MarkhamMitzi BuddeStephen L. CookJames W. FarwellJudy Fentress-WilliamsDavid T. GortnerKatherine GriebJ. Barney Hawkins IVRuthanna HookeLisa KimballMelody KnowlesJustin Lewis-AnthonyJoyce MercerRobert W. PrichardWilliam B. RobertsTimothy F. SedgwickKatherine SondereggerJohn Y. H. YiehRobert HeaneyVTS Former Faculty
CED 600-01: Aging in America (Linthicum)RCL 513-01: Christianity and Modern Politics (Kane)
HOM 930: Leading from the Pulpit (Wesley)OTS 910: Sacred Texts in Education (Fentress-Williams, Lanam)RCL 905: Dynamics of Conflict and Change (Gortner)SPL 910: Spirituality, Leadership and Mission (Brown)SPL 925: Spirituality, Liturgy and the Arts (Farwell and others)STH 904: Governance and Mission (Heischman and others)
CTS 410-01 (Lewis-Anthony)LAN 501-01 (Cook)LAN 511-01 (Lewis)
CTS 450-01 (Heaney)FED 501 (St. Louis and others)FED 503-01 (St. Louis and others)GCM 417-01 (Heaney)HOM 501-01 (Hooke, McCray)HOM 643-01 (Grieb, Hooke)LTG 401-01 (Hooke, Farwell, others)LTG 501-01 (Prichard)LTG 502-01 (Farwell)LTG 602-01 (Farwell)MUS 401-01 (Roberts)MUS 447-01 (Whitmire)MUS 510-01 (Roberts)NTS 501-01 (Grieb)NTS 604-01 (Grieb)NTS 664-01 (Yieh)OTS 645-01 (Cook)RCL 509-01 (Baucum)RCL 573-01 (Lewis-Anthony)RCL 820-01 (Knowles, Lewis-Anthony)STH 647-01 (Dyer)
CED 560-01 (Dyer)CHT 501-01 (Matis, Prichard)CHT 547-01 (Prichard)GCM 528-01 (Sayilgan)GCM 613-01 (Heaney)HOM 607-01 (Wade)HOM 607-02 (Wade)LAN 502 (Cook)LAN 512 (Lewis)MUS 512-01 (Roberts)NTS 643-01 (Grieb, Hooke)PTH 601-01 (Mercer)STH 416-01 (Sonderegger)STH 617-01 (Sonderegger)TPM 691-01 (Hadler)
CHT 502-01 (Matis, Prichard)CHT 533-01 (Matis)CHT 548-01 (Prichard)GCM 533-01 (Sonderegger)GCM 710-01 (Heaney)LAN 503-01 (Cook)LAN 513-01 (Lewis)MUS 513-01 (Roberts)NTS 644-01 (Grieb, Hooke)OTS 501-01 (Fentress-Williams)STH 632-01 (Sonderegger)TPM 583-01 (Glover)TPM 643-01 (Mercer)TPM 651-01 (Zdancewicz)
Liturgy and Worship ResourcesEpiscopal Church USAGOE Prep
January Term 2015Evening School of Theology Spring 2015
CED 525-01CED 642-01CTS 629-01FED 505-01RCL 623-01RCL 859-01
ETH 501-01 (Sedgwick)ETH 627-01 (Sedgwick)FED 502-01 (St. Louis and others)FED 504-01 (St. Louis and others)GCM 418-01 (Heaney)LAN 602-01 (Knowles)LTG 501-01 (Prichard)LTG 503-01 (Prichard and others)LTG 526-01 (Lathrop)MUS 402-01 (Smith)NTS 609-01 (Yieh)NTS 610-01 (Yieh)NTS 623-01 (Grieb)NTS 704-01 (Yieh)OTS 602-01 (Fentress-Williams)OTS 650-01 (Moline)PTH 625-01 (Hawkins, Alexander)RCL 524-01 (Kimball, Oliver)STH 510-01 (Sonderegger)TPM 501-01 (Mercer, Kimball)
CED 508-01 (Dyer)CED 559-01 (Kimball)CHT 503-01 (Prichard, Matis)CHT 553-01 (Matis)GCM 538-01 (Sayilgan)HOM 621-01 (McCray)LAN 504-01 (Sullivan)LAN 514-01 (Lewis)LAN 520-01 (Prichard)NTS 502-01 (Grieb)OTS 512-01 (Fentress-Williams)OTS 543-01 (Warner)RCL 531-01 (Staudt)SPL 511-01 (Brown)TPM 608-01 (Lewis-Anthony)
CED 572-01 (Dyer)CHT 554-01 (Matis)CHT 574-01 (Matis)GCM 667-01 (Heaney)HOM 585-01 (Gilbert)HOM 612-01 (McCray)LAN 505-01 (Sullivan)LAN 515-01 (Lewis)LAN 521-01 (Prichard)OTS 513-01 (Fentress-Williams)PTH 642-01 (Wade)RCL 658-01 (Prichard)SPL 512-01 (Brown)SPL 612-01 (McCray)STH 566-01 (Markham)TPM 601-01 (Mercer)TPM 613-01 (Baxter)
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Welcome to Virginia Theological Seminary's online bookstore. Assigned texts for VTS courses are listed on this guide. To locate the textbooks for a class, click on the tab for the correct academic term. Mouse-over a tab to see the classes for a term.
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General Bookstore Information Print Page

Online Bookstore

Welcome to Virginia Theological Seminary's online bookstore.

  • To locate the textbooks for a class, mouse -over the correct academic term. A list of the classes for that academic term, by course number, will appear. Click on the correct course number to see a list of the books for that course.
  • Below each book cover image is a label in all caps identifying the book as REQUIRED, RECOMMENDED, or SUGGESTED.
  • If you can't find a listing for a course you are registered for, there may be no required texts for that course. Please check with the instructor or refer to the "Course Offerings" listings under "Current Students" at www.vts.edu.   You may also find the syllabi and complete course information on MYVTS.

Some class texts lists may be subject to change.

You are not obligated to purchase your books through this site. Some texts may also be available in the Library, e-reader or other editions.



Links for Books

Links for texts for classes are to Amazon, Bookfinders, and/or Barnes and Noble.

Amazon/Barnes and Noble links will state if there is a Kindle/Nook e-book edition available.

Bookfinders will list all available copies, new and used, from numerous booksellers.


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Pat Burke


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Mitzi Budde, Head Librarian & Professor
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